PT Knockin

An email security assessment tool

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Email security is a crucial aspect of protecting your organization from cyberattacks.

Email is the primary vector for penetrating the infrastructure, and cybercriminals are constantly improving their attack methods to effectively bypass security tools.

  • 69% of emails

    delivered to corporate email accounts in 2023 were illegitimate

  • 43% of successful attacks on organizations

    begin with phishing and social engineering

  • ≈300,000 emails

    are sent by cybercriminals each day

  • 2.5x

    malicious emails worldwide over the past year

Are you confident that your company's security system can detect any threat it encounters?

An online email security check that takes two minutes

Simulates real-life attack scenarios to assess the security posture of your corporate email

Provides recommendations on how to configure your security system

How PT Knockin works

Assess the security posture of your email on any device, no downloads or installations required

  • 1

    Enter email address

  • 2

    Run a quick check. We will send you several emails with trending malware that has been disarmed

  • 3

    Select the emails that have reached your inbox to get recommendations for addressing your security gaps

Why PT Knockin

  • Check your email security in two minutes

  • It provides recommendations for remediation

  • It simulates attacks using disarmed malware that is currently popular among hackers

  • Easy to use, no downloads or installations

PT Knockin is developed by Positive Technologies. For years, we have been studying the activities of cybercriminals, so we know how they operate, and we can effectively assess any information security system and tell you how to protect your organization from cyberattacks.